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This Workshop Includes...

🎸 The Navigation System

🎸 Root Connection Study

🎸 Modal Mapping Study

🎸 Backings & PDF (Downloads)

🎸 Modal Backing Tracks

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100% Money Back Guarantee


If you don't absolutely love it, get your money back.


We Respect Your Privacy


We promise not to share your information, be sure that is trusted with us.

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You Information Is Secure

We promise not to share your information, be sure that is trusted with us.


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When I purchase the Fretboard Navigator Workshop, how will it be delivered to me?This program will give you access to the ShredFest VT System immediately after your purchase. You'll get access all the courses you were promised and you'll be able to download all the materials talked accept the video content to protect the program against piracy.

How is this courseware different from others?

This courseware content uses LightSpeedVT's patented software that tracks your progress, helps you develop your own routine within the system, holds you accountable to learning the material via quizzes and points and allows you to go mobile and practice anywhere.

Does this program teach me how to write music?

The Fretboard Navigator Workshop comes with over 10 hours of courseware content covering the harmonic framework of modes and navigation system for mapping out those modes (chord/scales) all over the fretboard. Get ready to unlock the neck completely.


I'm worried this program might be too intense for me. Should I try it out? 

No matter your age, style, or level of playing you are eligible. Besides, these concepts are unavoidable and are a right of passage for unlocking your own path throughout the neck. Skipping over this opportunity will not help you. 

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